Cutting Edge

By Niki Jones

The term “stiletto” can be in reference to a style of knife or a style fingernails—both can deadly, and, quite often, beautiful. At Gun Cult, we’re pretty obsessed with knives— not only as defense weapons, but as some of our best accessories. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, there’s a blade out there for you. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Custom Liontribe Designs 

2. Benchmade Phaeton

3. Zero Tolerance Knives 0551

4. CRKT Mini Tighe Tac

5. Up Armored Knives “Recluse” in Carbon Fiber

6. Benchmade Infidel

7. Medford Scout

Knives courtesy of BSG Security Services. Special thanks to Maria Russo, Jason Darling and the amazing team of artists at Cute ( 

Music: $₩€€₮ ฿д฿¥‎- by Anonymous420